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We have received £ 80 in donations. Our goal is to raise £ 75.00

Hi there my fellow Bollockteers.

I'm sorry to have to ask this, but in order to continue with the B2PCA website, I needed to move it to another server, which now incurs a yearly cost. Prior to the move, it lived on the back of another server, paid for by A.N.Other Company, so there was no extra cost involved.

The move was a forced one, due to the security of the old server having to be updated, which in turn meant that the old code base for the website wouldn't work. I'm sure you will agree that the new server and website are much quicker when compared to the old one, so the change although forced, some good has come out of it.

Unfortunately, there is a yearly cost that goes with the new server, currently at £75 a year. This pays for 12 months of server hosting along with the domain name. I would appreciate if you can see fit to put your hands in your virtual pocket and help pay for this.